Brake Repair and Service

BRAKE Service

It’s our job to make sure your brakes do theirs. Come to Sean’s Auto Care for everything from faulty brakes to brake pad replacement in Van Nuys.

If you hear grinding when your car comes to a stop or your brakes are making a squealing sound, these may be signs that you need brake service immediately. It’s a good idea to have your brakes inspected every 12,000 miles or about once a year. 

What's Involved in a standard Brake Service and Repair?

During a brake inspection, we conduct an inspection of the brake system’s linings and other key components and provide you with a written evaluation, including a detailed diagnosis of the findings. We’ll do a brake pad inspection and measurement, inspection of discs for wear and damage, check the hard metal brake lines for corrosion and cracking, and check that the rubber lines are still pliable and soft.

If your brakes require repair, we can take care of replacement and installation of brake hardware, calipers, rotors, brake hoses, drums and master brake cylinders; resurfacing drums and rotors,
flushing brake fluid and removing air from the brake lines, and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) diagnostics and repair.